The Last Push forward / by Richard Something

Before I write about where we’re at with filming, I want to take a moment to say a few words about a member of our cast, and also the lead singer of In Letter Form, Eric Miranda. Eric passed away over the weekend. 

I didn’t know Eric very well. Other than the day he so kindly filmed with us (and ad-libbed one of the funniest scenes in the movie) I had seen him at a few events and parties. So I’m in no position to write him a proper memorial. Others are better suited to that. But I can say from the outpouring of love and grief I’ve seen from his friends and former students that I wish I had known him better, and that I will always regret not knowing him better. I'm lucky to have known him at all. 

Consider donating to his family’s GoFundMe so Eric can have the celebration and send-off they know he would have wanted. 

Eric (upper left) and his fellow bandmates from In Letter Form posing with Erma Kyriakos. 

Eric (upper left) and his fellow bandmates from In Letter Form posing with Erma Kyriakos. 

The rest of filming is dedicated to Eric, and the movie itself will be dedicated to both him and Kimberly Kenny (another incredibly talented singer, and great friend of many people involved with the film, who passed away earlier this year).  

So where are we with the rest of that filming? 

We have two more major weekends to go and some smaller insert scenes to shoot. And that's it. 

That's it? 

That's it. 

It seems remarkably weird to be nearing the end of Production. Most of my weekends since the first week of June have been tied up in this movie and I'm not entirely sure I'll know what to do with myself when that's no longer the case. 

Wait, I do know what I'll be doing with myself. I'll be editing the movie. Post-production will take several months and be even more labor intensive than Production. 

What will we be doing over these next two weeks? 

Filming 25 pages of script, which will bring us up to 120 minutes of movie. Once it's all said and done we'll have 125 minutes of movie (represented by around 60 to 70 hours of footage) which we'll cut down to 105 minutes or so.  

But I'll dive more into that next week. For now, let's listen to In Letter Form instead.