What's next in HELL!? / by Richard Something

Hello Again!

Long time, no write! I took a break from blog posts after principal production ended so people wouldn't get even more tired of seeing me link to them on Facebook. Those days of relative calm and quiet are now at an end. 

We're currently editing up a storm, or at at least a mild northernly wind with gusts up to thirty miles per hour. Here's a look at a scene mid-edit: 

Editing will continue for at least two more months as we cut over 35 hours of footage down to a 1 hour and 45 minute movie. 

What now? 

Editing is not the only movie related thing that's happening over the next several months. We'll also:

  • Launch a movie website, as well as Twitter and FB pages (Feb) 
  • Start building a mailing list (Feb) 
  • Release a couple of trailers (Feb) 
  • Make some fancy t-shirts (Mar) 
  • Premiere HELL! in SF, LA, and NY (Apr) 

You'll hear all about these and other activities in future posts.

That's all for now. See you after the New Year!