hello THredup! 


Thanks again for considering me as your potential new Video Producer! 

What follows is a series of three videos, totaling right around six minutes in length. I didn't make a standard reel because I'd rather show full videos and scenes I've been a part of creating as opposed to a trailer about my filmmaking life.

Looking for my resume? You can download it right here

If you'd like to reread my cover letter, it's here

And if you'd like to know more about my personal projects, specifically my just finished feature film HELL!, you can do so here and also right over here 

Weather Underground - Finger Friendly Weather

This is from a series of five YouTube commercials. I consulted on content and tone. The video is fifteen seconds long, so try not to fall asleep while watching it.

Weebly - The Organic Artist

This is from a Weebly testimonial series called Start Your Something. I directed and was on camera for most of these videos, and I edited all of them. Weebly's marketing department was deeply afraid of showing personality (the VP of Marketing literally said, "I'm very worried about showing personality") so I had to work within those rather restrictive limitations. 

HELL! - Roger at the recording studio

In this short clip from the third act of HELL! we find our antagonistic (and idiotic) protagonist in the studio to record a song for super wealthy producer and business jerk Michael St. Michael. I did not write this scene, however, I directed, shot, edited, and color corrected it. The movie is about a dumb, washed-up rockstar and this scene does contain a few curse words (just an FYI).