richard huffaker & sentry


Thanks again for considering me as a potential Sentry employee!

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The position I'm most interested in at Sentry is the Developer Evangelist. My previous experience at both Weebly and VerticalResponse over the past eleven years certainly fits the Evangelist part of the role, but as I am not a developer you may understandably feel that I don't fit the Developer part. It would obviously be an insult to the intelligence of most developers to put someone in this position who doesn't understand the technology at as deep a level as they do. 

I am, however, fairly experienced as a coder. Pre-Weebly I hand coded all my own websites using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, plus I built an Apple approved iOS app way back in 2009 after teaching myself Objective C. I'm pretty rusty at the moment but I know my way around code and pick things up very quickly. Additionally, though my time at Weebly was heavily focused on consumer education, I was also the primary training contact for all of Weebly's partners, walking developers through the process of integrating Weebly with their own systems. 

Below you'll find a small sampling of my written, spoken, and visual communication. Thanks so much for your time and consideration! 

CloudPassage - Writing Samples

After leaving Weebly to spend time on personal projects, I continued to do some freelance writing on the side to keep myself from getting rusty. My most technical client is an IT security company called CloudPassage. I ghost write articles and posts for their developers / product managers. That means more then simply prettying up their language. They give me fairly simple outlines and I provide most of the technical explanations myself. Three recent posts are below: 

Security Considerations in a DevOps Pipeline - Part 1

Security Considerations in a DevOps Pipeline - Part 2 

The Cybersecurity Executive Order: What It Means for WannaCry and Future Breaches

Weebly - VIdeo sample

Beyond writing, I'm a very experienced video producer and director. This sample testimonial video is from a Weebly series called Start Your Something. I directed and was on camera for most of these videos, and I edited all of them. Weebly's marketing department requested these videos, so I was working within their specified guidelines.  

The Moth - Public Speaking Sample

I've hosted hundreds upon hundreds of webcasts, ran almost as many in-person training classes, and spoken at conferences in rooms with anywhere five to a thousand people in them. I also speak at story telling shows here in San Francisco. This is a recent five minute story I told to six hundred people at The Moth at Public Works. I've chosen this as an example simply because it's my public speaking event that was most recently professionally recorded (during this past spring) and because it'll tell you a little bit more about me as a person. 

Thanks again for your time!