richard huffaker & JIRA CLOUD

Thanks for considering me as a potential member of the Jira Cloud team. Joel’s description of what you all are working on has me really excited about the role.

Looking for my resume? Download it here

Below you'll find a small selection of my written, visual, and spoken communication, mostly sampled from my past two years of work at Sentry as the Head of Brand & Content.

Writing Samples

At Sentry, I’ve written dozens upon dozens of blog posts, ghost written dozens more, and had a big hand in everything from feature pages to printed collateral to ads to jokes written on collectable pins.


Forge by Sentry: Better with Friends — Here I unveil Sentry’s Friends and Enemies Discount (which I created)

Everything is Broken and I Don’t Know Why — One of many developer blog posts I’ve ghost written

The Winter 2017 Sentry Hackweek Roundup — In which I explain why our winter hackweek took place in the fall


The Sentry Workflow — A printed brochure Sentry is handing out at the more than 20 conferences we’re sponsoring this year. We’ve already given out several thousand. I came up with the travel brochure concept and wrote every word of it.

The Sentry Booth (Front & Back) — A postcard that fits the same theme. As with the above, I came up with the concept and wrote all the words.


I’ve written a ton of snappy banner ads for Sentry. Here’s a sampling:

  • Your code is broken. Let’s fix it.

  • Only you can prevent dumpster fires.

  • Burn your logs.

  • Logs are dumb. Are you dumb?

  • Your code is bad. But that’s ok.

  • Fewer bugs. More naps.

Podcast Ads

Here’s one of many podcast scripts I’ve written for Sentry (this one for the Core Intuition Podcast):

Google bought Crashlytics. And next year they’re ending support for Crashlytics. That’s not great. Here’s something better: Google did not buy And thus Google has no power to end support for With Sentry you can see the severity and scope of any crash, get immediate access to the call stack, connect the problem to the commit that caused it, and fix it without wasting time digging around. 

Sentry, a name so common we have to include our top-level domain in our advertising to make sure you remember us. Open source. Full stack. And not owned by Google. Sentry dot i o. 

VIdeo samples

Beyond writing, I'm a very experienced video producer and director. This sample is a testimonial / story video about an engineer named Andy Tuba at Reddit (a Sentry customer). I directed and edited the video. Sentry’s VP of Marketing requested this video, so I was working within their rough guidelines.

And here’s a sneak peek of video I made with Bitbucket (I directed and edited it, as above). I haven’t locked a final version of this one yet because we’re including it in an upcoming customer page with Cloudflare and GitHub, and I want to make sure all three have similar pacing.


I create a welcome gif for every single new Sentry employee who would like one, and I’ve made right around 50 over the past two years. I work with new employees on the concept, then script it out, film it with them, and edit it. Here’s a fairly recent one:


And here’s another:


And here’s one more, because why not?


The Moth - Public Speaking Sample

I've hosted hundreds upon hundreds of webcasts, ran almost as many in-person training classes, and spoken at conferences in rooms with anywhere five to a thousand people in them. I also speak at story telling shows here in San Francisco. Below is a recent five minute story I told on The Moth. I've chosen this as an example simply because it's when I was most recently professionally recorded and because it'll tell you a little bit more about me as a person. 

Thanks again for your consideration! Please let me know if you’d like to see more samples of my work.